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The world-renowned PELI ™ Cases are made of impact-resistant reinforced plastics. They are water- and airtight and are used to protect sensitive goods from especially strong exposures. PELI ™ Cases can be ordered with different fittings and equipments, such as foam cubes and divider. A PELI ™ Case is made up of only by corrosion-free materials and is temperature-resistant between +99° C and -23° C.

The following admittances are available to you:

  • ATA Air Transportation Association Spec. 300: drop, pierce through and stack test, splash-proof
  • US-Military approved MIL-C-4150J, NATO NSN accredited according to IP 67, leak test

We have over 400 PELI ™ Cases in stock! Therefore we are able to ship 95% of orders, which we have received before noon, on the same day. In case we don’t have your desired colour or equipment in stock, we will contact you immediately.

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